Georgian Revival 1 Pint Jug c 1890

Georgian Revival 1 Pint Jug c 1890

Code: s103


H: 17cm (6.7")W: 14cm (5.5")D: 14cm (5.5")


A very striking Water Jug in the Georgian style. Made in the revival period at the end of he 19th Century, most likely in Birmingham. A beautiful Jug with step horizontal cuts.  It is undamaged except for the normal omissions on the raised elements at the widest part.

S103  17 x 14  £49

***We are selling one of our barns for development.  We need to clear it by March 2024, and it currently contains much crystal accumulated in the last twelve years and that we have perhaps never attempted to sell. Reasons for this vary…decanters without stoppers or carrying minor damage; wine glasses in 3s or 5s, part suites or simply sets that don’t fit on our main site – however beautiful.  We have down-priced everything accordingly – we hope!