Val Saint Lambert Absinthe Fountain

Val Saint Lambert Absinthe Fountain

Code: b802


H: 55cm (21.7")W: 12cm (4.7")D: 12cm (4.7")




An Absinthe Fountain from the eminent cristellerie of Val Saint Lambert.  This is a truly spectacular piece standing 55cm tall.  The air bubbled stopper is in itself a Work of Art. We know that it was made by Val Saint Lambert but information about these is scarce and only rarely does one come to market.  We believe that they may first been made in the 1920s and there is a shorter version at 40cm.  This particular piece is in apparently unused condition and is consequentially very difficult to date. The purpose of the fountain is to allow iced water to flow from the spigot over a slotted spoon holding a sugar lump.  This allows sweet water to be added in the ideal way to the Absinthe. An extraordinary example of crystal making and a focal point in any room.



B802  55 x 12  £745